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Part 2: Interview with Chamika and Khalil Cumberbatch: Our Love Beat the System

Part 2 of our interview Khalil and Chamika Cumberbatch. Read Part 1. Chamika: No, we were divorced…I pretty much kept tabs on him through a girl that was working in the prison. I found out that he was coming home, and I started looking him up on the Internet trying to find out where he … Continue reading

Part 1: An Interview with Chamika and Khalil Cumberbatch: Our Love Beat The System

We wrap up Mass Love month with a two part interview with our friends Khalil and Chamika Cumberbatch. We visited their home in Queens and got to hear their inspiring love story over dinner and lots of laughs.  They completely embody the vision of #SpreadMassLove: that love is a radical act that can heal, transform, and … Continue reading

Teresa’s Story: Love, Marriage, and Incarceration

My husband and I were together for seventeen years, there were always issues, as all couples face, especially that we started our relationship at a very young age. However, I believe that the irreversible things started occurring when my then boyfriend got arrested while I was six months pregnant of our son. I had no … Continue reading

An Ode to Claudia Moya: My First True Love

The year was 1993. Carlito’s Way was our favorite movie. We saw it at least 10 times. We knew the lines of our favorite scenes by heart; Claudia would play Gail, and I Carlito. She was fond of the scene where Gail confronts Carlito as to why he dumped her. Claudia was a romantic – … Continue reading