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Teresa’s Story: Love, Marriage, and Incarceration

My husband and I were together for seventeen years, there were always issues, as all couples face, especially that we started our relationship at a very young age. However, I believe that the irreversible things started occurring when my then boyfriend got arrested while I was six months pregnant of our son. I had no … Continue reading

An Interview with Loretta Owens: Coming of Age With A Parent in Prison

I met Loretta when she was a student in my NYU class where students design and facilitate an arts program for incarcerated youth. While in my class, she welcomed her father home from prison after 18 years.  I interviewed her for SpreadMassLOVE.com -Piper How have you been impacted by mass incarceration?  When I was 2 … Continue reading

Part 2: Giving Our Loved Ones Space To Come Home

Part Two Before her arrest, my sister and I weren’t the closest. We’ve gone years without speaking. Our love for each other was and still is doubtless, but we lead separate lives in separate spaces and this alone created a wedge in our bond. Now, I find myself unsure of what to say when writing … Continue reading

Giving Our Loved Ones Space To Come Home

Part One I haven’t spoken to my father in over four years. I haven’t spoken to my sister in nearly one. She won’t return any of my letters and he won’t return any of my calls. Sometimes I blame them. Most times I blame the Prison Industrial Complex. But lately I’ve been blaming myself for … Continue reading

Mass Love Essay on For Harriet.com: Love In the Era of Mass Incarceration

Over a period of three months, Piper Anderson and Marlon Peterson, two friends, wrote to each other about love. Piper is a writer, educator, juvenile justice advocate, and cultural worker who grew up in a family that struggled with drug addiction and domestic violence. Marlon is a writer, social justice advocate, and community justice strategist … Continue reading