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“Don’t think I don’t know you love me. You believe we going to make it?”James Baldwin, If Beale Street Could Talk

Loving in the time of mass criminalization is a radical act…it is revolutionary. It is an action that requires the embodiment of loving by any means necessary.

During the month of February, where love is at the forefront, and Black history struggles in second place, we decided to explore this question of MASS love: How do we reconcile love in the era of MASS criminalization of Black lives (dead or live)? How do we demonstrate this radical act amid the vivid images that tell us Black lives DON’T matter?

Taking our inspiration from James Baldwin, how do we answer Fonny’s question in, If Beale Street Could Talk: “You believe we going to make it?” Because knowing that we love each other is only the beginning; how we make that love take shape in the face of all of the barriers built in a carceral state, is a question we’re all struggling to answer.

To create a platform for this exploration we’re declaring February MASS Love month. Through interviews, intimate conversations, audio and visuals testimonials we’re capturing the revolutionary acts of love and resistance by people directly impacted by mass criminalization.

There are several ways that you can contribute:

  • Write a personal blog about your relationship to love as a radical act in the era of    mass incarceration.
  • Create a short video or audio testimonial
  • Write a letter to yourself or someone you love.
  • Allow us to interview you and post your Q&A to the MASS Love website.
  • Submit a picture and personal quote explaining the ways you practice radical love.

Contribute your story to this radical MASS Love movement.  EMAIL SUBMISSIONS OR QUESTIONS TO SPREADMASSLOVE@Gmail.com


About Spread Mass LOVE

A dialogue, a movement, a commitment to radical love in the era of mass incarceration


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